Why Choose Botanic Her?

When was the last time your health care provider really listened to you? Does he or she sit down and make eye contact with you? Call you back personally to answer your questions? Imagine an hour-long conversation with a women’s health specialist. Uninterrupted.

After I’d done thousands of women’s health exams and written even more prescriptions, it dawned on me. Any clinician can go through the motions. But not just anyone builds meaningful partnerships, teaches effectively, or inspires healthy change in their patients.

I opened Botanic Her to do exactly that.

Why should you consider a private consultation when your insurance already covers your basic health care needs? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Time: A typical visit with your primary care provider lasts 20 minutes or less. One university study found that patients are interrupted after speaking for only 12 seconds. Nobody can address the whole you in that time frame, especially if they’re not listening to begin with.
  • Focus: You hire me to work with you, and only you, during our consultation time. No other clients, little or no wait. You deserve my total attention.
  • Choices: I am trained in conventional health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of women’s health needs, and I understand how the health care system works. However, my special interest is botanical and nutritional approaches to women’s health. While I do not interfere with established medical treatment plans, I can help you incorporate natural approaches safely and effectively. I order lab tests and prescriptions when they are clearly needed.
  • Discernment: The number of “natural health” products on the market grows by the day. Do you know how to evaluate the quality and safety of these products? How to separate evidence from hype? Can you tell which sources of health information are reliable? Some of the biggest names and sites lack real expertise in the clinical use of foods and herbs. And they certainly have no expertise in you.
  • Customized care: You are unique. There is no single drug, herb, diet, or health program that’s right for everyone. My care and advice are specific to you.
  • Personal follow up: You see me at each visit. I personally respond to your calls. Most clients need only 2 or 3 visits to independently manage their goals.

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